Wednesday, October 18, 2006

#9 Finding Feeds Blog Post

For this exercise, I looked at both Feedster and and liked both. In both I searched for entries about graphic novels. Feedster has the appealing feature of restricting searches by "news," "blogs," or "podcast." The option to search by "date" and "relevance" is good too. I didn't care for the multiple listings of the same story in my search but I've seen that before in Google News searches. And several stories became roadblocks too as I had to have the proper version of the video support to see a news story from CBS News for example. That's standard for a lot of web surfing, though.

I did prefer the make-up and appearance of though. With its headline upon headline of news stories and multiple photos--it appears to be a close one-stop for news and views. I read some entries in the Forum section and I could spend hours there. The "Advanced Search" is great --for moving between blogs and "no blogs." and other options for restricting searches (as by source, URL, country, etc.). And the descriptions of entries is nice too with the highlighted subject and their use in the body of the text. Good stuff.


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