Monday, October 16, 2006

#7 Technology Interest of the Week

My biggest technology interest (aside from Learning 2.0 of course) is adjusting to the new Beta Yahoo!Mail. I use Yahoo!Mail for much of email away from work.

The screen has changed to offer news entries options (from Yahoo!) with the mail options as usual to the left side. Consequently, it looks more like the traditional Yahoo! homepage. The Beta version also features the calendar at the bottom of the screen (a single line on the bottom of the screen) so if you remember to look there (and use the calendar feature) then you can get reminders there.

Otherwise, there is an RSS entry now under the traditonal mail options now which can be nice. And the Beta Yahoo!Mail offers tutorials about its use so that is helpful. It shows keyboard shortcuts and tabbed message natigation features among other options.

My biggest goof, however, when switching over was that I accidently deleted my entire Inbox of hundred s of emails. The messages were in the Trash folder and then they were cleared, now deleting them forever. Oh well, I'll live and learn for sure.


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