Monday, October 30, 2006

#21 Podcasts

I listened to the podcast for this section, zipped through the "Yahoo: what is a podcast" tutorial and took a long look (considering the upcoming deadline for this project) at the site.

That site is nicely enough arranged with entries of interest to all but I didn't see any type of "help" or "about" options--I guess everything is supposed to be so clear and transparent. I looked for book reviews (with mysteries mostly) and had better luck with a "keyword" search. I found a number of sites with a "title & description" search and many focused on comic books actually. With the "keyword" search, I did find the "Forecast Stormy" site which included the tags for the term "mystery book reviews." The tags for the site include: music, books, television, movies, cinema, comedy, reviews, crafts, baking, excerpts, mystery. I listened to Episode 15, from June 10, 2006. It included brief book reviews although one was just a book promto. I got some assistance and placed this on my Bloglines account.

Overall, I could find fun things here and perhaps a little useful professionally. I did one "library" search with results that looked OK. I didn't take a closer look but I suspect there worthwhile even noteworthy entries there. And in the future, I would like to attempt a podcast myself for my blog if I can stand listening to myself.


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