Monday, October 30, 2006

#20 YouTube

I've looked at YouTube recently looking at the recent political TV ad with actor Michael J. Fox (linked from a blog). Mostly, this is a novelty outlet to me (and most I guess) especailly looking at old TV commercials. However, I'm certain it is great for a video blogger. The web page is categories are logically and include a fine "most subscribed" (this week) featured. It's also good you sign up a musician or comedian account--nicely tailored for those interested. The "History" option works like the web browser and is convenient and can be cleared. Overall, the web site offers a fine range of video options including a "YouTube College."

Regarding a library setting for YouTube, I'd think it would appeal to younger people as an outlet for creativity but also to show a library building or part of an adult or children's program.

Also I looked at several videos and here's one from the Dave Letterman show--

The web page with the video is appealing and very net savvy with "Tags" along with comments from users and related videos from CBS-TV.


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