Tuesday, October 31, 2006

#19 Discovering Web 2.0 tools

I started with the short list and looked at "mapping" as a worthwhile entry (later I took a glance at the entire list of entries--goodness, there's a lot there!). I'll admit, I'll have to look this material over again because I moved to "HousingMaps" [www.housingmaps.com] which was the most user-friendly of the three options. The site offers the ability to use maps which were movable and to search by city with "For Rent," "For Sale," "Rooms," and "Sublets." I looked at the search feature for "City" (with major or selected cities to search--for instance, Charlotte is not listed whereas Raleigh is) and "Price" (with ranges from <750 up). I was also impressed with the satelite map shows street maps and the Hybrid map with imagery showing street names.

I like this tool as it can be ideal for house hunting as some individuals may want to do when using a PC in the library. And this can be a good web site to use in a library workshop setting for an introduction about helpful new web sites or as a quick resource for the reference librarian on the service desk (we could put that site in our Internet rollodex here).


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