Tuesday, October 24, 2006

#14 Technorati

For the exercises, I searched first with "Blog Posts" with the term "Learning 2.0" and received 31,726 results for the search. This search covered all blogs, authors, and languages and the searches included separate searches of the word. Using the "Blog Directory" the search resulted in 19 matches sorted by authority. That search included posts by PLCMC employees with three in the first six entries.

For part two of the exercises searching "Popular Blog, Searches and Tags" I concluded the blogs cover a wide range of topics of interests. I was surprised to see even the Firefox home web page as a "TopSsearch & Tag" entry and even an Amazon web page about the book by Barack Obama The Audacity of Hope.

Further down the web page, in "Top News" I went to a Washington Post news story and noticed the blogger submissions "powered by Technorati" as mentioned in a podcast.

I will consider entering a blog I work on to Technorati.


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